lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Death 13Th Corpses - DEMO 1.0

Welcome to the strange world of Matt, welcome to Death 13Th Corpses.

Hey gamers!

Yesterday I release the first demo and the last for the full project of my game "Death 13Th Corpses" a game inspired in games like Splatterhouse, Friday the 13th and Clocktower, the first you can see the game have the retrostyle, but with that fresh aspects. I will bring you guys the final release soon before xmas, so please, stay tuned!

Share the game with your friends! You support is the principal inspiration for finish the game and make it even better...remember the game is still in development and the DEMO is still in beta of course.

Cheers from your friend, MarkFiend/DemonB.
This is the first release of my indie game project, called Death 13Th Corpses. A game that I started to develop a year ago. With my personal life, I couldn´t finish the demo until now.


The Story

Matt escapes from the asylum, he is not crazy...but, they are trying to get him.

The Game

A survival horror game with a strange twist that you have to taste.


Install the RTP2003 if you do not have installed, in order to play the game, and run the exe.

If you want to take part of the game please, help me with bugs, opinions and ideas for the game,  you can post them here.  

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