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Castlevania Sonata of Blood


I am the creator of this ambitious fangame that was lost due to human error, not mine of course, with 4 years of trying and development, Castlevania Sonata Of Blood died in an attempt to be one of the best fangames with a special twist.

I have seen very bad information from my game, only things like "A castlevania fangame starring Ethan Belmont".

Well, no more, here is the true about this fangame that never will be.  Atte. DemonB




The Story

Ethan Belmont lost his bride in a dark night, hoping to find her, he leaves jova town, and go through the forest, fighting monsters that begins to appears misteriously. Ethan follow a path in order to discover that a Devil Forge Master called Girave Fide kidnapped his girl...

Here´s where the prelude minigame "Castlevania Forgotten Dreams" ,showing all the mechanics of the main game, ends.

Then the saga continues in  "Castlevania Sonata Of Blood",  where, Ethan, goes to the ruins of a castle that appears, in front of him, in the middle of the night sorrounded by fog, then he mets Danael, a strange man that is looking his brother (Girave Fide). He doesn´t tell nothing to Ethan in his first encounter. Ethan get moving trough the ruins and met Renon, a demon who only have orders to killed him. Ethan survives, and continues his adventure, then he, without knowing, enters to Count Olrox´s Mansion, and realized that Carmilla is with him...(here ends the story before the game was deleted).

Ethan, in other travels to rescue his bride, goes to hell to rescue her (something like Dante´s Inferno) when Deaths told him that she is inside.

Danael and Girave were a kind of Devil Forgemasters induced by Carmilla, who, at the same time, bring Olrox to life with a Ritual. All was a master plan to revive Dracula, in the body of a Belmont. That is why they kidnapped Ethan´s Bride. In the game, Ethan doesn`t know that he is a vampire hunter; he discovers his power when he enters to Count Olrox Mansion.

The Game

An action rpg that players and fans would feel like very fun. With powers, variety of monsters, mana, life, a whip and interesting levels...and of course a good story.


This is the official site.


The main character was inspired from Ethan Belmont from the castlevania flash game, a character that really didn´t like me. 

The sprites were made by Jorge Fuentes, and modified by me.

The game had music from differents autors, all from Newgrounds, with excellent remixes or very similar to castlevania standards.

The game died only one week from it´s first release.

There 3 differents video attempts of the game on youtube, showing different gameplay.

The first programmed by Karmacoin and me (Actually deleted).
The second is my second attempt to redo the game like a RPGgame.
The third showing the alpha project.

I never upload a video showing gameplay from Castlevania Forgotten Dreams.

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