martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Hey Newcomers!

Hey gamers! I am Mark Fiend, known too as Demonbelmondo, frustrated creator of that cancelled fangame: Castlevania Sonata of Blood, and other that never came to the light, because of several issues like: time, family, career and other stuff. I am an old school gamer that enjoys the new generation a lot, don´t misunderstand me, I´ve only 23...but, I can´t stop thinking about the new school. Yeah, with all that new graphics and gaming modes...yeah, I can´t complain they are great! However, with the pass of time, the demand is more are more expensive, less fun and more complicated. Do you remember that time where you only had to press start, or insert a coin, and then just have to move arrows or sticks? 

Thats the point that I try to reach! There are, still, gamers that enjoys that kind of games... Well, not that primitive, but with that special atmosphere retro. Do you imagine Resident Evil in 8 bits?  I tried that. That weird, but great sensation, where the fear isn´t nothing compared like a zombie in a corner that, you know, is there! Is rather like pixels of something somewhere or an event that seeks to give you fear. The strange feeling that you really don´t know how a game of a few bits could bring terror, adventure, fights, in better words "fun". If you are here, is because you can understand this feelings, that´s why we prefer the oldschool...

To illustrate this better, remember Friday the 13th for NES. Do you remember? As a kid, I must tell you, I was very scared about this game...

This is my vision, my example of why I prefer old school, and to tell to you that there is a new world about "new" old school that I will bring you in this space that is, too, your space.

Welcome to the Zero Dimension of Old School Games! The old "new" dimension!

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