martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Ao Oni

Hey gamers! Here Mark; fine...with my actual project, Death 13Th Corpses, I was looking other homebrews like ClockTower for the SNES, yes sir, that game where a murderer with giant scissors chase you in a big mansion...scary...I hoped to find a game, in order to learn or have an idea to add to my game...when I discover an interesting game called "Ao Oni" that means "Blue Demon" in English.

The Story

Ao Oni begins with four friends: Mika, Hiroshi, Takano, and Takeshi. They visit a stange mansion they heard about. The rumors said that the mansion is haunted.

The Game

The game reflects what wants: a blue strange humanoid chasing the main character. The Oni appears constantly and can really give you a scare if you are not ready.  Although, the Oni experience, is well programmed, the ambient is very lazy, could have bring more darkness to the game in order to bring more tension to the player.

Sound: 6/10 It accomplish his entrust: ambient.
Graphics: 5/10 Could have been way better!
Gameplay: 7/10 Only run and solve puzzles! Good puzzles have to say!


Remember to download, also, the RTP XP in order to play the game. Is in the page too.


It looks like "Ao Oni" have unofficial sequels and spin offs, and other than seems to be only rumors, most of them koreans versions.You can check them here.

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